II. district, Pasaréti Str. 59.

1022 Budapest, Pasaréti út 59.


(1026 Budapest, II. Pasaréti road 59.)

The building is consisting of a cellar/basement,  a ground floor, two floors and  a  roof-space.In the cellar/basement there are standard parking places for 6 cars, a common store-room and the central gas boiler room to be found.
On the ground floor and on each upper floor is one independent office unit built out with a reception, two office  rooms, one conference room, one toilet with an independent foreground for hand-wash and a tea-kitchen, containing  a  minikitchen-block  and a washing-up basin, as well. Before the curtain-wall-facade of the reception, on the south-western side, there are terraces built out.
The  net  office-space  of the building is: 525 m2, consisting of:

O./   Cellar/Basement:  Garage, store-room.    170 m2
A./   Ground floor:         A./  Office                   95 m2
B./   I. floor:                  B./  Office                    94 m2
C./   II. floor:                 C./  Office                   94 m2
D./   Roof-space:         D,/  Flat                       72 m2
E./   Total net space:                                    525 m2

The office building (consisting of: a ground floor, two stories + built in roof space) is to be found in the outstanding green belt of BUDA, in the belt of villas of the "ROSE-HILL", in the II. district, Pasaréti road 59. 
The building can easily be reached both by car and by the means of public transport (by the trams No. 61. and No. 56. along the “Szilágyi Erzsébet” alley, and by the bus No. 5. and 91 running on the Pasaréti road, having a stop near the office-building).

In the building there are built up first-class office units with a net 283 m2 office space, besides a flat of 72 m2 space,  store-rooms with 20 m2 ground space and a parking space for 10 cars.

The inner working out of high standard, the premises serving as tea-kitchens of the offices, the air-conditioned office units with fitted (wall-to-wall) carpet, or parquet offer a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

The building is provided with main telephone lines, and by the main entrance a video entry-phone is at the disposal of the tenants.

The automatic function of the garden gate, serving for driving in of the cars, is made comfortable by using of devices of remote control.

The operational costs of the building are very favourable, being the porter-service fully needless, with regard to the fact, that the security of the building is solved by a modern double alarm-system, connected directly to the police station, and furthermore due to the fact, that the energy demands of the building are rather low, due to the heat insulation system of the building

The heating of the offices is by a central gas boiler, and the central air cooling is by fan-coil equipments of individual control solved.

The lighting is supplied by raster lamps built-in in the suspended ceiling. The electric energy supply is solved by strong current lines built-in in parapet-canals consisting of 3 parts, where the weak current network is built out, as well.


* a kitakart irodák jelenleg ki vannak adva, ezért pillanatnyilag nem bérelhetőek.


* a kitakart irodák jelenleg ki vannak adva, ezért pillanatnyilag nem bérelhetőek.


* a kitakart irodák jelenleg ki vannak adva, ezért pillanatnyilag nem bérelhetőek.